Upcoming Food and Drink Events

Upcoming Food and Drink Events

With so many events happening all over Melbourne, some stand out as being more traditional and recuring in well-known restaurants in the city. This list provides details on some of the most popular food, coffee and drinks events happening in Melbourne.

Pit Your Wine Wits – Tribeca Arcade – 26 April

Pit Your Wine Wits is an event with Anthony Anderson. Increase your wine knowledge in an environment full of passionate wine lovers and see how much you really know about wine. This is a monthly event that draws food and wine lovers from all over the city.

The event is hosted at the Life’s Too Short Bar in Tribeca Arcade.

Melbourne Coffee Expo – Melbourne Convention Centre – 27 September

Australia is well known for its diversity in food and culture with fine dining, and now they are getting even more diverse and interesting with their coffee scene. This event is well known throughout the Asia Pacific as the largest and most exciting coffee event in the world. The event first started out in 2012 and has become more popular each year.

If you love coffee, this is the perfect event to learn more about not only Australia’s local coffee but also the top coffees from around the world.

Fermented Foods Workshop – Kensington House – 2 April

Food nutrition is becoming a big thing around the globe. But in Australia, it is growing even more. Fermented food is healthy and nutritious, and what’s better to incorporate into a food event than being healthy and nutritious?

Visit the Fermented Foods workshop to learn about all the benefits of fermented food and how to create them.

These three events are all you need to get hyped for upcoming food and drink events in Melbourne. All these events provide a great way to be healthy, caffeinated, and full of tasty food.

Travelling through Australia demands visiting restaurants and food events in order to experience the full spectrum of Australian food culture and how restaurants are thriving with exciting cuisines and food styles.