Top Restaurants in Melbourne

Top Restaurants in Melbourne

With Melbourne’s eclectic food scene with exciting coffee shops, fine dining restaurants, and the perfect ‘healthy’ junk food, it’s no surprise food lovers are flocking to the city. Melbourne has a lot to offer when it comes to food and coffee. These restaurants and bistros are some of the most well-reviews and most cultural establishments for dining.

Flower Drum

Flower Drum has been one of the top-rated restaurants in Melbourne for many years. You can expect t extremely interesting dishes such as pearl meat gently sautéed with garlic, chives with asparagus, and even a pancake rolled to perfection. The décor is just as wonderful as the food, and chef Anthony Lui provides a large menu that sticks to classy and traditional meals with an interesting twist.


Attica restaurant presents chef Ben Shewry who is a perfectionist with baking and lasagne. The living room has a great atmosphere with playfulness yet a serious culinary experience. It provides the perfect Australian dining experience with a tableside barbeque, shellfish, and indigenous spices.


Anchovy restaurant presents a thrilling and original cooking and dining experience. The chef is known as Thi Le and creates exquisite and modern Vietnamese-Australian dishes. The restaurant opened in 2015 but is constantly evolving with recipes and atmosphere. The menu is extremely diverse, and you can find meals such as cured pork relish, pickled mussels, and jicama with a rice paddy.


Embla has been operating for many years and stands as one of the quintessential dining experiences in Melbourne. Getting a seat here is not the easiest thing to do. Making a booking is essential, but it will be worth it. The food and wine menu are out of this world, with mesmerising dishes and wines to indulge in for the perfect fine dining experience.


Gimlet restaurant is the winner of GT2022 Best New Restaurant. Escape reality and traditional meals and step into Gimlet. This diner-style restaurant by Andrew McConnell is gorgeous, inventive, and spacious. Not to mention tastefulness being set as high regards.

Whether you want the perfect T-Bone or a whole lobster, Gimlet is the perfect destination for food-lovers travelling through Australia.