Hosting Casino Fund Raising Events in Australia

Hosting Casino Fund Raising Events in Australia

Casino fundraisers are the perfect way to provide financial assistance to great causes. Whether it’s an existing charity, a community project, or organised for a specific cause, this is a legal way to assist a great cause and have some entertainment.

What the Law Say’s

Section 107 and 108 f the Gaming and Wagering Commission Act states that organisations may conduct fundraising activities through amusement and prize giving. This is only lawful when done for fund-raising. Some minor amusement prize-giving activities may be seen as a form of lottery.

The opportunity to win prizes at the amusements may not be the only reason for someone to attend the event. It can be the main factor of the event if it is meant for charity and that all profits will be donated to charity.

Minor fundraising activities such as guessing competitions, raffles, and other competitions may be deemed legal if it is not meant for private gain or another commercial undertaking. There are also limits to the cost of play and the value of the prizes. With amusements that have prizes, the cost of play may not exceed $2 and the prize value, not more than $10.

For minor fundraising activities, the limit is $200 unless it is a football tipping competition, then the prize may go up to $10,000

Many other forms of lottery and gambling are available for fundraising but with more complex laws.

Why and How

Combining gambling with fundraising can be entertaining for many people and may provide good winnings for the fundraiser. Wit gambling, especially online gambling, games are becoming extremely popular, so having a gambling fundraiser is sure to attract many people. Many online casinos even provide promotions, and you can get PlayAmo free spins and much more.

You can even play online slots among your friends to donate to whatever cause you to feel