Australian Food Blogs

Australia has many blogs dedicated to its own food scene with reviews on coffee shops and restaurants as well as tutorials on how to cook. These blogs are perfect for staying up to date on the Australian food scene.

These blogs are all based in Australia.

The World Loves Melbourne –

The world loves Melbourne is based in Melbourne, Victoria. The blog provides information on what to do in Melbourne, why the city is so popular with food lovers and where to experience cuisine in the traditional Australian sense. They cover food, fashion, travel, best restaurants, coffee shops, dining, food markets, and more.

Cook Republic –

The Cook Republic covers simple but delicious recipes for all. They even cover food markets, weekend farmgate adventures, food photography, and styling workshops. Learn how to cook as well as make your food look rustically pleasing. The Cook Republic is based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. They post up to 1 new article each week.

A Baking Journey –

A Baking Journey Blog is run by Sylvie, a Belgian ex-pat living in Melbourne. She states that she is addicted to baking and loves to share her favourite recipes. If you want to polish up your baking skills, this is one of the best options and provides great advice on how to make baking a treat.

The Aussie Coeliac –

This blog was established in 2013 and regularly posts new articles with a major focus on healthy eating and gluten-free living. Based in Melbourne, you will be able to learn about all the coffee shops and restaurants that focus on gluten-free foods for a healthy lifestyle. The blog is run by Ashlee Adams, and she reviews guides and shares advice.

The Spice Adventuress –

The Spice Adventuress is dedicated to sharing its explorations in cuisines and stores from across the borders of Australia. They bring cuisines from all over the world to their blog. Find hundreds of recipes that will inspire you to become a chef in your own right. The blog is based in Melbourne and provides traditional worldwide cuisine recipes.

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